Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May '10 Favorite Photo - "Look Up" Theme

Congratulations to Loie Nissen for her delightful photo titled "Treed Raccoon." Loie "credits her German Shepherd and Golden Retriever for persuading this raccoon to seek refuge high in a nearby tree, providing a fine 'photo op.'"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April '10 Favorite Photo - "Opposites" Theme

Congratulations to Frank Distad for this beautiful photo titled "Mud Swans." The snow white swans on the murky water create a striking image of opposites.

Monday, April 5, 2010

March '10 Favorite Photo - "Less is More" Theme

Congratulations to Marge Springett, whose charming photo of a redpoll was selected the favorite for March. Marge keeps bringing wonderful wildlife images for our enjoyment. Thanks, Marge!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jan '10 Favorite Photo - "Churches" Theme

Congratulations to Patricia Flaherty for this photo of an abandoned church outside the tiny town of Bunbeg in Donegal, Ireland. Despite it's being abandoned, it is still used for weddings - a very scenic venue.

Dec '09 Favorite Photo - "Black & White" Theme

Congratulations to Dave Herrick for having this beautiful photo chosen by the club as their favorite photo in the December theme "Black and White"...it is truly stunning, Dave!!! Thanks for sharing your incredible work!!! You continue to inspire us all!!!

Nov '09 Favorite Photo - "Texture" Theme

Congratulations to Tom Cusick for this beautifully ethereal photo entitled "Milkweed in Bloom." We are so lucky to have Tom and his wife, Audrey, scouring our roadsides for these wonderful images!

Oct '09 Favorite Photo - "Uniquely Local" Theme

Congratulations to Marge Springett for this charming and beautiful photo of her beloved sandhill cranes entitled "Dancing in the Snow." We are lucky to have Marge documenting the local treasure we have in the Crex Meadows. Thanks, Marge!